"The fight against Nightmare had ended and everything’s at peace. Here in an island town, we now see an adventure of a young boy and his sister."

-Introduction of Misadventures

Misadventures or by it's full name, The Adventures and Misadventures of Knuckle Joe, is a fanfiction made by Arrol. It is a humor fanfiction in which shows the lifestyles and events the main character, Knuckle Joe, goes through with his friends and family. It is still going.


The setting starts off after the events of the anime in which the forces of Nightmare is defeated.
Bio Amy by SkullArrol

Amy, the theme character of the fanfiction.

You'll see the main character, Knuckle Joe, in many sorts of adventures or many unfortunate events, such as going to an all girl's school or dealing with hyper Amy. But there are other adventures as well, such as the battle against the insidious Dark Matter, Atria.

Famous CharactersEdit

Knuckle Joe





and many characters in the anime.


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