Minerva Lin

Minerva Lin is the rough and independent lady in Arrol's fanfiction, Misadventures.


Minerva was born in Autumn Oak Village with her only mother, Lidine Lin. She was born to warrior parents. Her father was one of the Star Warriors as her mother served as a nurse for the GSA. Her mother left to settle down after her pregnancy with Minerva and the death of her father. In her childhood, she was known to develop faster than few of the children she hung out with. Some referred to her as a giant when she was 6. Recently after she first moved to Autumn Oak city, she met and befriended a native to the city, Ella. Starting school with Ella, Minerva was then introduced to Mona, another friend of Ella. Afterwards in Art School, she had recently befriended Nina, who was older than Minerva and her friends.

In Misadventures, during the time in Art School, Minerva met Knuckle Joe during a school lunch break. They had also shared a room together. She had gotten an interest in him and thought of him as a close male friend. In an unexpected event, Minerva had aquired a powerful deviced call the Ring of the Green Pixel, which gave her powerful armor and abilities. She is tutored by Joe in how to use it properly.

Traits and PersonalityEdit

Minerva is brightly known for her never-say-quit attitude and her bright red hair. Albiet she isn't a fan of makeup, she'll put on a few at times. A total tomboy, she physically excels in speed more than her strength. She is a fan of track and javelin challenges.

In contrast, she rarely speaks about her past life, exceptions are Ella. Minerva HATES her life, thinking it's nothing but mediocrity and there's nothing be all happy for. She can act in an emo-like manner sometimes. She is also antisocial and very hard to look at when she's angry.

She packs a mean punch as well, and will punch anyone she hates. Lastly, she HATES being called Minnie.