&nbsp Cherry is an a tiny, pink, monster called a "Fluzzle"; he has dog-like features and is currently under ownership by Tara12. He has the ability to turn a

large wolf-like creature.


Cherry again by Nijihamu can

Cherry in his Normal Form (Better Image Coming Soon)

Age Unknown, He currently lives on Tricha2000 with Tara12 and sometimes accompanies on adventures.

He was a gift to Tara12 when she was very young, given to her and trained by her father


Normal Form: Cherry is playful and curious. He loves to be the center of attention and acting cute and tends to get a little jealous if someone else is stealing Tara12's attention away from him. He often lets out cute, let strange yips from time to time.

Beast Form: He is loyal, alert, and vicious. But he'll only attack someone if Tara12 tells him to... most of the time. He now lets out roars instead of yipping.


Cherry, along with all Fluzzles, has the ability to turn into a large, and intimidating beast. In Cherry's case, it's a Wolf-Like Creature.

In this form, Cherry can now claw at enemies and damage them with razor-sharp teeth. He can also has the ability breath fire in this form in a steady puff.

He will revert back to his normal, cute form either at his own will or if he's too weak.


Cherry in his Beast Form (Better Image Coming Soon)




He is owned by Tara12, though her mother and younger brother will look after him occasionally.

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